It’s Alive!!!

I’ve been bad about writing. Sorry. A lot has been going on, is going on, and will be going on.

All animals are alive and well. We may be moving yet again. I feel bad. My dog seems to really hate moving. I’m also probably entering that annoying phase where I’ll be moving every year for a while. Or maybe not. I’m going to have to be extra nice to my dog when we move.

My knees are okay. Still walking. Having troubles again but trying to work it out. Thinking about (finally) committing to taking two or three yoga classes a week to stretch out my muscles and hopefully build new ones. No hot yoga, just regular gentle yoga. I’ve seen two places that look promising, one in Harlem and one right by Dykeman. Since I may very well be moving to one of those neighborhoods it will work out well.

I’ll be living with at least one roommate. Not sure yet. They want to live in Manhattan with some interest in Queens or Brooklyn. I was specifically told “not The Bronx!!” so I’ll refrain from looking at all the listings for big, beautiful, cheap apartments up here.

It will be nice to be free. Interesting to be a city gal again. I love The Bronx and wouldn’t mind living in my old neighborhood (I’d love it actually) but at the same time I love the city. West side, uptown, love it. I’d enjoy living in Inwood and have my eye on an awesome apartment up there.

We’re also looking at one of those modern marble kitchen counter apartments in Harlem. Right next to the train station, which is important. All we insist upon is an elevator building (or possibly first or second floor apartment) and being close to the train. I don’t ever want to be more than two blocks from the train. And this apartment is one short block from the train.

I still have my two jobs and am looking for another one. Ideally one where I’m not as mobile so my knees can rest. I’ve been applying to a lot of different jobs and once I get my new Manhattan address I have a good shot at a permanent position in the city that would pay well enough for me.

My birthday is coming up. A big birthday for me. Low key celebration though because money is super tight. Thinking of having a friend of mine show me how to make Korean oxtail. I love oxtail and she says she wants me to try her Korean oxtail to see if I like it as well. I am quite confident that I will because it will be a meal made out of the tail of an ox.

All my time has been taken up with work, physical therapy, fighting with insurance companies, looking for another job, and looking for an apartment. Sleep too, very important. Haven’t been super social but in my own way I am, which is to hang out with one person at a time. My dog and I are the same, we don’t do well in large groups. Once I move I’ll be much more social though since my roommate(s) are going to be going out and I suppose I will as well.

My best friend is getting married this year. Best friend duties require me to be maid of honor. Which means I have to wear a stupid dress and get my stupid hair done and wear stupid makeup. None of which I EVER do. I’ve worn makeup once in my life. I suppose we all must make sacrifices. I already went with her (she dragged me screaming and crying) to try on dresses and we picked one out. A cute little-but-not-too-little light green dress that makes me feel like a Greek goddess. Going to have to get pictures of me in grown up clothes! This is the type of thing that will only occur when my friends get married and make me dress up for it.

Time to go check Avian Avenue and see if any Sidewalk Sales are coming up soon.

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4 Responses to It’s Alive!!!

  1. Marty says:

    Hi, Hungry Bird. well it seems that everyone is busy at this time of the year. Just to let everyone know we have two new canary chicks. They were hatched about three weeks ago and were out of their nest a week later and both are doing well. Momma really feeds them a lot so I have to put food in at least twice a day. They just love Romain and Broccoli among all of the other things I feed them every day. Happy Easter to everyone.


    • HungryBird says:

      Hi, sorry for the late response! I imagine they are super cute! I was looking at baby cockatiels the other day and had to remove myself from the temptation!

      • Marty says:

        Hope your doing well. Just to let you know there is another arrival in my avairy. Another newborn canary chick. It was hatched about two weeks ago and is just about ready to get out of it’s nest. I will keep you posted. Also the other two chicks are doing well and they are just as big as the rest of their mates.

      • HungryBird says:

        How many babies do they usually have at one time? I like canaries a lot. Someday….!

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