Animal Updates

The miniature-but-still-incredibly-fierce wolf will live to die another day.  Times two.

My dog has returned.  He is as cute as he ever was if you ignore his ugly paw paw.  Two paws on purpose, to me dogs have paw paws instead of paws.  He does not have cancer.  He will be around to sneakily eat tissue paper and create hidden spots to pee in throughout the apartment for a good while longer.  He did forget all of his manners while living with my parents and I am not happy but a few weeks of horrific abuse should take care of it.

We did have a recent scare involving the Animal Medical Center.

Some important additional things I may not have covered.  I have a cat, pretty sure I covered that one.  My friend moved back to NYC and I am watching her two dogs for her for an eternity while she gets settled in.  So there are other animals here.  Plus one more coming for a short stay tomorrow.  My brother is also staying here.

He came back in the middle of the week.  Sunday I came home from work with a horrible migraine and passed out.  I woke up because the migraine was so bad.  My brother had a friend over and I was being social (always a bad idea) when I noticed my dog wasn’t coming when called.  He always comes when called.  Got up to see why.

My brother left out a huge stash of chicken bones.  Cooked ones.  The kind that make little white fluffy dogs die terrible deaths.  In a cab to the Animal Medical Center we went.  Dog is fine.  Brother is just getting over how terrified he was and how bad he felt.  Luckily I was pretty much incapacitated with a migraine so I wasn’t angry.  Still not angry.  Brother felt very bad and paid for everything and I didn’t even feel like yelling once my migraine went away.

So dog is/was eating disgusting prescription canned dog food that is horrible quality but will prevent a blockage which will cost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to fix.  So boring low quality dog food it is.  We are now working roast duck and fried chicken back into the mix because I am a horrible pet owner who did a ton of Chinatown grocery store shopping and who has a brother working at a soul food/BBQ/good ol’ Amurrican food restaurant.  And yes, the food is amazing and he brings me home free food from time to time and I love it.

Again, Animal Medical Center was the bestest ever.  If you remember that is the same place I took Romeo to.  They had a record of that visit and asked if my dog was Romeo.

I also have a new computer.  My mac is seriously starting to die so I got a huge external hard drive to transfer everything.  Can’t lose pictures of cranberry coconut bird dishes and my adorable dog doing absolutely nothing.  I now have a Google computer.  A Chrome one.  The one that costs $199.  I have never had a computer that was not a mac.  I was very nervous but spent a lot of time talking to the wonderful guy working for Google and he assured me that while it is not a mac and is not pretending to be he thought it would be a great computer for now.  And I love it.  I really do.  It’s small and the lightest computer ever.  Doesn’t heat up when I use it for hours.  Nice battery life.  Everything works intuitively like macs so I can figure things out easily.  No having to upgrade anything or do virus protection or any of those things I never do.  So far I haven’t used any of the space on it at all.  I do miss having the ability to sync my music on my phone but when I get desperate I can force my mac to work.  I haven’t used my mac since getting this super fun and super cheap computer.  Even if it dies in a year or two it is worth it.  I can do all my paperwork for work on it and all that fun stuff.  I haven’t bothered to figure out all the cool things it does.

I’ll post pictures of my newest furry family member.  Miss Kitty is very cute and not allowed in the bedroom.  She will never be allowed around the birds.  I do not believe in cats and birds coexisting without great risk and stress to the birds and I refuse to allow it to become an issue.  So dog gets free run of entire apartment and cat gets free run of everywhere but bedroom.  Again, she is really cute and really tiny.  I have a itty bitty Shih Tzu coming to stay for a few days and they will be about the same size.

I never thought I’d say it but cats are super cute pets and even though dogs are obviously the superior pet I am learning to enjoy feline destruction.  Dogs still rule though.  My dog would never shred entire rolls of toilet paper and paper towels at lightning speed.  My dog would never shred a leather couch.  My dog would never rip up expensive shoes.  My dog would never try to eat my headphones.  My dog doesn’t bite toes.  My dog doesn’t bite throats.  My dog doesn’t pull bathroom window curtains down when people are naked.  My dog doesn’t attack you through the shower curtain while you have your eyes closed.  My dog doesn’t hide behind corners and leap out at your feet.  Cat no longer does this to me after she realized I am basically an animal who never evolved to full human so if something attacks me I am likely to fling it across the hallway.  Similarly my dog only woke my ex boyfriend up by fake morning attacks.  He tried it with me once and I freaked out in my sleep and threw him off the bed.  So cat has learned she can attack my brother and my roommate but not me or she dies.

My dog and cat love each other.  I didn’t mean to keep her.  Have I written about my coming into a cat story yet?  If I haven’t I will.  I see videos of cats not letting dogs pass them in the hallway or they swat them.  That would never happen here.  I rule with an iron paw paw and all the other paw paws are made of a softer metal.  My life goal is now to get a picture of them snuggling together.

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2 Responses to Animal Updates

  1. Marty G. says:

    Your very lucky, my dog Honey had cancer on one of her pads, it was operated on only to return in her lungs.

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